The Local Taste

In Washington and the greater Pacific Northwest we have an extraordinary amount of locally grown foods and locally produced items worth raving about! The Local Taste is centered around that fact and was born out of the desire to give our local farmers and producers some love and to help educate our customers and community about all the great things our home state has to offer!

2014 Local Taste Sponsors - THANK YOU!

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

“A crossroad between commerce and neighbors”, the Roasterie remains a destination where family, friends and visitors from around the world meet. Where myths and legends are created and stories are preserved; where people still stop by on their horses from time to time for some good coffee, good stories, and healthy food.

The beans the roasterie uses are rare. All are high mountain shade grown and traditionally farmed. We blend a combination of traditionally grown and direct trade beans to create our fine gourmet coffees.

Western Family

Our commitment to quality and value began in the 1930's when a group of retailer-owned grocery wholesalers joined together to combine their buying power to compete with the growing number of corporate-owned chain stores.

Darigiold, Washington Dairy Farmers

Darigold does dairy differently. Maybe it’s because the farmers own the company. Or because we spell our name with an i. Or because we tend to ask questions. For almost a century, the dedication of their cows, farmers and people are what have driven Darigold’s success. And while it’s true that they're one of America’s largest dairy co-ops, Darigold has been farmer-owned since 1918.

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Full Tilt Ice Cream makes all natural ice cream and frozen desserts with as much creativity and local ingredients as possible. Our their outlets feature new and vintage arcade and pinball machines, an eclectic mix of sodas, an amazing mix of music on our stereos, and some of the finest beers the Northwest has to offer. After extensive research and testing, we have scientifically created a fun environment for people of all ages.

Sakuma Brother's Berry Farms

The Sakuma business history began with our first generation arriving in the United States of America as Japanese immigrants, pursuing the “American Dream”. The first generation (Iisei) settled on Bainbridge Island, Washington. They transporting their goods by ferry to Seattle for sale at the terminal markets and Pikes Place Market. The long history is inspiring and worth the read, please visit their website for he remainder!

Martin Family Orchards


Painted Hills All-Natural Beef

Painted Hills Natural Beef is a natural beef product originating in Wheeler County, Oregon. Raising beef of this quality takes more: more time, more energy, more care. In order to grow beef that is growth hormone and antibiotic free, producers must make the commitment to keep the animals longer than generic beef. It simply takes longer for the animals to grow to the choice grade level. We believe, however, that this cost is far outweighed by the peace of mind the consumer gains.

Michou World Class Deli

Michou is an award winning deli in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Come visit us for fresh soups, sandwiches, salads and treats. We also provide salads, desserts, and breads to some of the highest quality grocers in Northwest.

Doolie's Hot Hot Sauce

What started as something founder Abdul Mohamud brought as a homemade treat for friends and family on game days and parties, and just to have with snacks eventually turned into something so good, they HAD to have the "salsa" with every meal! Over time, the salsa became known as Doolie's Hot Hot Sauce. With such a high demand for the sauce, Abdul was encouraged to make Doolie's Hot Hot Sauce available for sale to local businesses, vendors, and restaurants. Based on his Grandma's recipe with years of practice and perfection, the highest standards of excellence go into each batch of sauce produced.

Franz Family Bakery

In 1912, Franz built a bakery at N.E. 11th and Flanders, which is still in operation. Over the years, Franz has continued to expand and enhance its facilities by installing state-of-the art equipment. At the same time, the company remains true to the Franz family’s standards of superior quality and service. In fact, a number of younger generation Franz family members are active in the family business.

United Salad Company

United Salad Co. has been in the wholesale produce business for nearly seventy years. We have built a produce organization that is unparalleled in our marketplace. Our extensive operation ranges from growing fruit, packing and shipping, to our expansive warehouse and distribution network.

Donovan's Deli Provisions

Food Services of America