Pasta Recipes

AlfredoFettucini Alfredo

Classic alfredo is like a blank canvas - adapt with different flavors until your heart is content.

Pasta CarbonaraPasta Carbonara

Another Italian classic demystified!

BLT PastaBLT Pasta

A new way to enjoy one of your favorite things - bacon.

Garden Pesto Salad

This is a healty and flavorful salad which is great for outdoor picnics and potlucks.

Tortellini SaladTortellini Salad

Another delicious summertime salad. Go by the recipe or add veggies of your choice, it's great either way.

Skillet Lasagne

Lasagne in about 30 minutes isn't impossible. This one pan dinner is a crowd pleaser for busy school nights.

Shrimp ScampiShrimp Scampi

Another favorite. Plump juicy shrimp with garlic and herbs make a satisfynig meal for any occasion.

Portabella Mushroom Lasagne

Perfect for cold winter nights or when you want some comfort food, creamy and rich.. and maybe a little naughty.

Low-Fat Macaroni and Cheese

This american classic is ultamite comfort food, and now it's lower in fat and STILL delicious!

Gnocchi PuttanescaGnocchi Puttaneca

A twist on the classic version!

Butternut Squash RavioliButternut Squash Ravioli

No one has to know that you used frozen ravioli for this impressive pasta dish - and we wont tell!

Clam LinguiniLinguini with Clams

This simple yet visually impressive dish is great for any shellfish lover.

Heirloom Tomato RavioliHeirloom Tomato Ravioli

Bright and flavorful basil compliment the summery flavor of heirloom tomatoes in this fast and easy dish.