Soup Recipes

Tuscan Bean

Hearty and healthy to warm you up on cold fall and winter nights. Low in fat and full of flavor, suitable for vegetarians.

Corn Chowder

Great mix of sweet and fresh corn on the cob and savory smoky bacon create a lush summer soup.

Curried CauliflowerCurry Cauliflower Soup

This fast and easy soup is simple enough for younger tastebuds and exotic enough for grown-ups.

Chicken TortillaTortilla Soup

Another fast and easy favorite! This recipe is an excellent way to use leftover rotisserie chicken.

Baked PotatoBaked Potato Soup

Everything you love about a baked potato but in soup form. Load it how you like it!

Spring PeaSpring Pea Soup

The recipe calls for frozen peas, but if they are in season be sure to take advantage!

Creamy Roasted Tomato

It's like what you grew up eating with grilled cheese sandwiches, but better. If heirloom tomatoes are in season, use those.


Another hearty Italian classic filled with healthy swiss chard and garbanzo beans. Suitable for vegetarians.

Guinness Beef Stew

This is a cold weather classic served religiously in Ireland. Did you know that Guiness is one of the lowest calorie beers?

Carrot and Cilantro

Get the much needed Vitamin A and Keratin from this soup. It's great for the eyes and tastes good too!

Wild RiceWild Rice Soup Recipe

What to do with the wild rice leftovers? This is a tasty and easy way to make a hearty soup quickly.

Wild Mushroom with Madeira

Rustic and flavorful mushrooms paired with cream and Madeira. Excellent hearty yet lush fall soup.