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The spring is an excellent time to explore wonderful flavors of foods grown locally. By choosing to purchase local foods you are helping support the sustainability of your economy and keep your money in the Pacific Northwest. With less travel needed for the transport of goods, less fuel is used thus helping the environment as well, so not only does local food taste good, you can feel better by choosing it! Celebrate this delightful juncture with us now where throughout the store you can find the flavorful offerings of the springtime season at your fingertips.

Spring into Fresh Foods!

First of the season Washington grown asparagus available now!

FResh Spring Washington Asparagus

Tender, juicy and grown practically in our own back yard. Asparagus is a quintessential sign that spring is in full swing.

Fresh Halibut Season

Fresh Halibut Available now!

These flat fish have a face only a mother could love, but boy are they tasty! The firm and oily meat of these fish make them excellent for the grill, frying or pretty much any type of cooking style.

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