Pricing is not available for specialty catering as it is customized to meet your specific needs. Please email us or call our Deli for a free consultation! (206)937-0245. Please allow at least 24 hours advance notice for all catering.


Zesty Antipasto

A platter to stimulate the senses! A spicy assortment of Italian meats, piquant cheeses with a medley of Mediterranean antipasto.

Pita Pairings

An assortment of Mediterranean dips served elegantly inside hollowed bell pepper along side pita triangles and assorted olives.

Essential Northwest

Delights that are quintessentially Pacific Northwest! Smoky cream cheese salmon spread, an assortment of Northwest artisan cheeses, seasonal northwest fruit and crackers.


Creative Crostini

Olive tapendade, hummus, and bruschetta crostini.

Caprese Skewers

A modern take on an Italian classic. Tender cherry tomatoes skewered with luscious, fresh mozzarella balls and aromatic basil drizzled with olive oil and herbs.